S6E5: "I'm Enjoying a Treat, Derek!"

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2021-04-15 03:37:04 2021-04-25 20:40:18 "Edita"
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In this episode, we have a guest Derek Murawsky on to try to convince us that the Cloud is the bee’s knees.

Also Paden has utterly atrocious audio quality. We know. No, we don’t know why.

Just the Tip

  • Paden tells us about corkscrew, a tool to use SSH through HTTP proxies.


Starts at 23m22s.

I was drinking Left-Hand Brewing’s Milk Stout Nitro. Paden was drinking water, Murphy’s Stout, and PBR. Jthan was drinking Breckenridge Bourbon. Derek was drinking i-Bourbon.

  • Derek Murawsky, Senior Infrastructure and Cloud Architect at PayPal, joins us to talk about cloud stuff.
    • Derek admits that there are some use cases where Cloud technology excels and some where it’s certainly not the best solution.
    • Derek mentions this book as a good read on problem/solution approach.
      • Derek also mentions this which is another good read.
      • Don’t focus on learning by rote, learn by analysis. Attempt to grok, not reproduce. Find the system and pattern native to the thing you want to learn, not their results.
    • We bounce around to a lot of different topics and it’s a long episode, we recommend you listen in full! Derek was a great guest with some great input.

15 Clams

In this segment, Jthan shares with you a little slice of life. The title is a reference to this video. (2m16s in)

Starts at 1h30m14s.

Jthan thinks about money. He also talks about a really fast delivery.


  • This episode’s title is a reference to this. Jthan is basically Derrick in the video.
  • Paden’s degraded audio quality was, at my best guess, due to processing issues as we weren’t able to reproduce it. Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again, sorry!
  • Superjail! was a thing.
  • Derek wanted to mention 12-Factor design in his appearance as well but didn’t get the chance to.
  • Yes, Jthan, TED and TEDx are different things.


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