S5E7: "SIT Tunnels? How Sixy!"

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In this episode, we talk a LOT about IPv6 and, primarily, Hurricane Electric’s tunnelbroker service. We go off the rails/off-topic a LOT in this one, though. I think the ‘rona lockdowns are giving us all cabin fever.

Just the Tip


Starts at 20m57s.

I was drinking water. Paden was drinking Carlos Serres Crianza. Jthan was drinking Busch.

15 Clams

In this segment, Jthan shares with you a little slice of life. The title is a reference to this video. (2m16s in)

Starts at 51m13s.

Jthan learned a very, very difficult lesson about Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), and why you probably very most definitely should not disable it on your school’s network kit.

I also explain token-ring networking and the difference between a hub and a switch using a postal worker analogy. I suppose a better analogy for token-ring would be neighbors delivering mail to their next-door neighbors, but meh.


  • The “We’re on page five” comment at the beginning is a joke that the show is scripted. The idea that we follow any cohesive structure, script included, is laughable to me.
  • Jthan referenced Lakeside, CO.
  • I said IPv6 was around for 10 years in the intro, and that’s wrong…
  • I reference RFC 1918, and specifically talk about which is defined in RFC 1918 § 3.
  • IPv4+ is a real proposed draft and it is super dumb.
  • AND some really dumb ideas have been proposed.
  • Red wine IS good for you, Jthan.
  • I helped Jthan fix his RPi4 display issue in Arch Linux ARM.
    • Specifically, he was trying to get 4K working at 60Hz with a proper aspect ratio/resolution display.
    • We found that you have to put in your /boot/config.txt:
  • I mention there’s NO need for DHCPv6. That’s not entirely true; if you need to do something like pass NTP servers or use PXE, you need DHCPv6 but you can configure SLAAC to instruct clients to look for DHCPv6 servers on the network by enabling the “O” flag (in the MO flags as mentioned in RFC 4861 § 4.2). I explain this in a little more detail in the sample configuration file for the script I mentioned above.
  • I am almost positive Jthan’s router that he bought in 2017 did support IPv6 and he just didn’t look hard enough. Consumer shit was supporting it since like 2010.
  • Android does NOT support DHCPv6 confirmed.
  • I mistakenly refer to it as “token-ring ethernet” at one point, oops. Token-ring is a precursor to Ethernet.
  • Yes, that sound at the end is Jthan urinating. It seriously lasted about three minutes before I started the recording of it. Paden and I couldn’t stop laughing because it sounded like he brought the microphone into the bathroom with him. That boy needs to wear a diaper or have a piss bucket or something, because holding it for that long is a good way to get a UTI. At least he’s well hydrated.


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