S5E3: "Certifiably Insane"

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We talk about CRLs, OCSP, and OCSP stapling.

Just the Tip

  • When working from home, it helps to follow your normal schedule/routine.
    • And make sure you wash your hands.


Starts at 21m52s.

I was drinking a Jack and Coke. Paden was drinking water. Jthan was drinking Celestial Seasonings Peppermint.

  • CRLs, OCSP, and OCSP stapling
    • Why?
      • Revocation of X.509 certificates.
        • A certificate should/will need to be revoked due to keys to certs may be compromised, organizational reasons, etc.
    • CRL (“Certificate Revocation List(s)”)
      • CRLs are essentially just a list of certificates that have been expired.
      • CRL is specified in RFC 3280 and RFC 5280.
    • OCSP
      • OCSP is certificate-specific; instead of requesting a list of revoked certificates, the client instead requests the status of a particular certificate.
      • OCSP is defined/clarified/revised in RFC 2560, RFC 4806, RFC 5019, and RFC 6960.
    • A key issue with both CRL and OCSP is client logic — what happens if the CRL or OCSP URL can’t be reached?
      • Either the client trusts the certificate anyways as valid, or
      • NONE of the certificates for that CA are trusted. This is more secure, but can cause a massive outage if a CA’s CRL/OCSP URL is inaccessible.
    • OCSP Stapling
      • Designed to overcome the availability requirement of CRL and OCSP.
      • A target server requests a signed timestamped validity status check from the CA for itself, and then “staples” that signed status to the certificate it serves.
      • You can find technical details in RFC 6066 § 8, RFC 6961, and the OCSP Stapling Required draft.
    • I haven’t written it yet, but at some point I’ll write an OCSP generator that interfaces with Vault and update this post (if I remember to). Vault already has an API endpoint for CRLs.
    • Firefox follows a specific revocation method. You can find a general overview of how browsers handle revocation here.

15 Clams

In this segment, Jthan shares with you a little slice of life. The title is a reference to this video. (2m16s in)

Starts at 38m24s.

Jthan finally re-did his site. One of the blog posts he did was using Linode Object Storage with Borg.

But his real 15 Clams is about Folding@Home. He is folding for F@H in his work’s cluster for COVID-19.

I also mention SETI@Home.


  • Paden is apparently having another baby in October…
    • Jthan didn’t know if his baby count was going “up or down”.
  • We talk about toilet paper more than is interesting, probably. Sorry.


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