S5E22: "Shitshow VI: Shitshow Island"

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The ending for Season 5!

A reminder that shitshows are NOT a good indication of the show; it’s more of a party. If you’re more interested in actual content (and episodes that aren’t 4.5 hours long…), check out previous non-Shitshow episodes. Thanks for all who joined- the regular Hosts, Beaches, Dranx, Forge, Kateo, Nosbig, and Taters!

Just the Tip

  • “Use Signal, use Tor.”


Starts at 14m52s.

I was drinking Boone’s Farm sangria and the Excelsior Classic Cabernet Sauvignon (talk about a low and a high in quality). Paden was drinking PBR. Jthan was drinking Michelob Ultra. Dranx was drinking (I think) a Burnley Brewing lager (If I had to guess, based on their current selection, it was their Vienna Lager) and a tiny little bottle of Buffalo Trace’s Eagle Rare. Forge was drinking water (“PBR Lite”). Kate had wine in the fridge this year, but was drinking a Blake’s cider flavored with strawberry and kiwi (it seems to no longer be offered by them/was probably a limited run) with a vodka redbull in the fridge. Nosbig was drinking water. Beaches was not drinking anything.

  • Shitshow!
    • Jthan wants to know if ducks and tractors “cancel each other out”.
    • Jthan is afraid of birds. And sea cucumbers.
    • John McAfee (yes, the guy that wrote the antivirus program way back) did indeed fuck a whale (or at least claimed to).
    • No, Jthan, you can’t get a refund on a degree.
    • Kate asked us what our favourite episodes of S5 were.
      • Jthan liked S5E19
      • Paden liked (I think) S5E18 (or at least liked the name).
      • I liked S5E15.
        • Paden also liked S5E15 because he had a pretty good tip for it.
    • We talk about CentOS moving towards CentOS Stream-only and the benefits/disadvantages of having that in prod.
      • I think the IBM linux distro I was thinking of is PowerKVM.
    • I mentioned to… Nosbig or Forge, I can’t remember, that there’s a hardware switchable QWERT/DVORAK keyboard.
    • Jthan doesn’t know how babby is formed.
    • Jthan actually did break Sysbot.
    • Forge still has Jthan’s VPN noise.
    • Beaches told us about Pax, but I forgot to mention that GNU tar supports a similar feature.
    • Nosbig told us about Netbox.
    • Taters was disappointed in the lack of genital customization and physics in Cyberpunk 2077.
    • I helped with TASGiving – they raised 10k! Congrats, guys!

15 Clams

In this segment, Jthan shares with you a little slice of life. The title is a reference to this video. (2m16s in)

Starts at 4h26m05s.

Jthan just wants you to have a happy and healthy/safe holiday season.


  • “Is your clam ready for my linquine?” is from Zapped Again! which I was wrong about – it actually came out in 1990, not the 80’s. (The predecessor however did come out in the early 80’s.)
  • My vape is an Innokin Proton with Plex tank.
  • At 1h14m26s, I listened to my isolated audio track. I said “Jthan, would you rather fight a tractor full of ducks or a *tractor*-sized duck?” I think everyone heard Paden talking at the same time as me and thought I said “a duck-sized duck”. I CAN PROVIDE EVIDENCE. I SAID A TRACTOR-SIZED DUCK.


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