S5E16: "SLAPD-Happy"

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In this episode we talk about how useful LDAP is.

Also, check out our upcoming gamenights! At least one of them is actually for a good cause!

Just the Tip

  • Paden talks about tracepath.
  • Trafshow is basically an ncurses wireshark but not as good as something like termshark.
    • Plus, trafshow upstream seems to be dead lol.


Starts at 15m46s.

I was drinking water. Paden was drinking cranberry juice and Buckeye vodka and water. Jthan was drinking Miller High Life Light.

  • Announcements!
    • We have a two-day game night (“night”) coming up! The day before and the day of for Halloween. We’ll be playing They Hunger and Afraid of Monsters (both co-op), see the link for details.
    • On November 7, I (r00t^2) will be doing Extra-Life! We’ll be playing Unreal Gold Co-op plus maybe Doom if we finish Unreal.
  • LDAP (22m48s)
    • Four main LDAP server software (Oracle’s Internet Directory, Windows’ Active Directory incorporates an LDAP server, OpenLDAP (my personal preferred implementation), and RedHat’s 389DS)
    • LDAP (“Lightweight Directory Access Protocol”) has a multitude of applications for when you need stronger relational attributes than a relational database.
      • Anyone who’s worked with LDAP before may doubt the “lightweight” part of its name, but believe me – it really is lightweight.
    • RFCs can be found here.
    • LDAP is structured, but you can add custom objects/object types.
      • It supports many layers of nesting and attributes with multiple values.
      • It supports aliased entries, which can be treated as an alias object or as a “real” object (“alias dereferencing”).
      • It can be used as an authentication mechanism/store, and has an extremely flexible and complex ACL system that can do just about what you want it to.
    • It is highly, highly recommended that you use and become familiar with the OpenLDAP CLI utilites (e.g. ldapsearch) or something like python-ldap.
    • Also know how to write, modify, etc. LDAP’s LDIF. RedHat has some good information on LDIF.
    • There are a lot of GUI clients (“LDAP browsers”).

15 Clams

In this segment, Jthan shares with you a little slice of life. The title is a reference to this video. (2m16s in)

Starts at 53m19s.

Jthan is an academia whore for Yubico. He wonders about implementing a sort of “selection-based” 2FA/MFA.


  • Traceroute does not require superuser/root access either.
  • I meant that MySQL stores its uses in the “mysql.user” table as rows.
  • Jthan needs to read up on the CFAA.
  • I (r00t^2) still can’t math.


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