S5E13: "Who Watches the Hypervisors?"

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We talk about the issues present in trying to keep security, privacy, and integrity for data-at-rest on hardware that you don’t own.

Just the Tip

  • Paden wants to remind you to actually check to make sure your backups are working.


Starts at 14m31s.

I was drinking water. Paden was drinking 2% milk. Jthan was drinking Corona.

  • How can you guarantee privacy and integrity of a volume on e.g. a VPS provider?
    • You can’t! Not perfectly, anyways.
    • If a malicious party has access to the hardware or hypervisor level, there are many opportunities for tampering or even outright breaking your expectations of disk encryption.
    • Hardware:
      • A lot of the issues present here are considered Evil Maid attacks.
      • You need plaintext somewhere in the booting process. (This applies to any full-disk encryption including VPS/VMs. Or, technically, any disk encryption.)
    • Hypervisors:
      • Access to the above and more – direct virtual console access, they control the kernel for paravirt, etc.
      • Hosts can also affect character devices (direct input flow, etc.)
    • You can check for integrity/tampering a little more reliably than preventing data leaking; Arch has a package in the AUR that serves as a good starting point.
      • Remote audit logs to a device only you/your org controls can help a lot as well.

15 Clams

In this segment, Jthan shares with you a little slice of life. The title is a reference to this video. (2m16s in)

Starts at 54m40s.

Jthan talks about remotely unlocking a LUKS FDE.


  • Paden was talking about this comic.
  • Jthan, in his pursuit of glorifying The Cloud™ instead of a VM lab, doesn’t understand why 640+MB > 512MB.
    • He also doesn’t understand that following processes verbatim teach nothing.
    • He also doesn’t know how to read. This says 530 MB RAM as the minimum, not 512 MB. (Plus the inherent overhead you’d have with ZoL.)
    • Also speaking of, the August release of the Arch installation ISO is 671MB, not 640-something.
  • Jthan says to not FDE your router, but you absolutely can. There’s nothing stopping you from remotely unlocking your full-box router (see the link in 15 Clams).


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