S5E11: "Quell Our Shorts"

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2020-07-09 02:52:02 2020-07-19 15:24:08 "Edita"
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We talk about QoS (Quality of Service)/rate-limiting and optimizing your network traffic before it hits The Tubes™.

Just the Tip


Starts at 15m31s.

I was drinking a Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo and a Castello del Poggio Sweet Red. Paden was drinking Coors Light. Jthan was drinking Labatt Blue Light.

  • Quality-of-Service/Rate-limiting
    • A way to artificially manipulate network traffic to ensure the priority of other traffic.
    • Jthan wanted to know why his network went to shit whenever he’d start uploading files.
    • “There’s no distinction between a ‘corporate/professional’ network and a ‘home’ network.”
      • That’s a false dichotomy created by network hardware providers. The true distinction is between well-designed and well-executed networks, and those without a good design and/or execution.
      • The latter usually don’t see a level of scale where the distinction is made, and thus any actual difference is just handwaving as “residential networking”.
    • I suggested that it’s probably actually queueing/scheduling, which is very likely.
    • He’s also using a wireless network, which will affect the throughput of the WAPs’ radio cards.
    • But QoS would still perhaps help a little bit. Back on track…
    • Quality-of-Services is an IEEE standard, 802.1e (and then rolled into P802.1p).
      • There is, of course, a wireless variant, 802.11e.
    • QoS theory
      • Designing some/specific protocols to lower in priority in favor of another one. SIP is a good example.
    • You can use “tc” to implement QoS.
    • Speaking generally, on the network you want your downloads to be faster (or more reliable, to be accurate) than uploads. But on a host’s level, you typically want uploads prioritized.

15 Clams

In this segment, Jthan shares with you a little slice of life. The title is a reference to this video. (2m16s in)

Starts at 1h03m55s.

Jthan talks about Etherpad and Etherpad-lite, but then randomly switches the topic to dedicated-service hosting, so I have to teach him cost benefit analysis 101.


  • The juggernaut, bitch.
  • A “tacodemon“ (cacodemon) from Doom.
  • Shoutout to The Admin Admin Podcast (and that guy).
    • We mentioned them on S0E8, and one of their members came up again in S2E4. I was right! It was season 0, before Paden even joined us.
  • I can’t find a source for Paden’s thing about banning install of non-OEM OSes.
  • The IP address Paden started rambling off was the beginning of an RFC 3927 address.
  • I sometimes refer to “802.1e” as “802.11e” and vice versa, and forget to mention P802.1p. Oops!
  • At the beginning of the 15 Clams, I say “30Mbps down”. I should have said “symmetric 15Mbps up” or something, oops.


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