S4E7: "Zany Miscellany"

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We cover several “mini-topics”; Paden talks about his IBM Tech U experience, he talks about switching distros from CentOS to Arch Linux on his laptop, and we talk about firewalld (and get a LOT of facts wrong; see the Errata).

Just the Tip

  • iproute2
    • The official documentation can be found here, but you may find the LART a lot more useful.
    • If you’re new to iproute2/switching from net-tools, you may find this a little more useful. There’s also a (very brief) Rosetta stone and another one here.
    • Something that’s been infinitely useful to me in my Python scripts is pyroute2, which is immensely powerful for networking configuration.


Starts at 16m23s.

I was drinking anouther Guinness Extra Stout. Paden was drinking a vodka and Coors Light. Jthan was drinking Miller Lite (and had a yorsh before the pre-show).

  • IBM Tech U
    • If you want to hear more about mainframes, check out S4E3!
    • There were a lot of tracks.
    • We have Lyz (“pleia”) on our show way back in S0E4.
    • We talk about AIX in S3E12
  • Switching from CentOS to Arch Linux/Restoring a home directory
    • He restored via Restic, which we talk about in S4E5.
    • See the errata – Mumble’s internal certificate store is even more messed up. It doesn’t actually use gconf (anymore?), but there is a Python gconf module (I was thinking of the certificate being stored in the registry and plist on Windows/macOS respectively).
    • We were totally off on the firewalld categorization; see errata.

15 Clams

In this segment, Jthan shares with you a little slice of life. The title is a reference to this video. (2m16s in)

Starts at 43m46s.

Jthan talks about anacron/systemd timers. He wanted to use anacron (S3E20) to schedule his borg backups.


  • So Mumble actually stores the certificate as a binary blob in its config file. See this line and this function.
  • I was off on my vanilla CentOS 7 RAM usage estimate; it’s closer to 200-300MB. But it’s definitely hungrier than Arch is for system resources.
  • I goofed and goofed hard. Firewalld is its own thing and is maintained in an entirely different upstream than systemd, but there are some people that do work on both. The primary developer is a staff member of RedHat, but to my knowledge it isn’t a “RedHat project”. I’m slippin’. :(


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