S3E6: "The Hubris of Man"

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2018-05-10 02:50:31 2018-05-19 22:11:22 "Edita"
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We give an update of our personal projects, Jthan and I announce a joint project for Arch users, and we talk a bit about whether webapps should be packaged. The birth of me saying “paythan”.



Starts at 26m0s.

I was drinking Jefferson’s Reserve bourbon. Paden was drinking Stella. Jthan was drinking Dry Dock’s Amber Ale.

  • Personal projects update
    • Paden upgraded his home network and ISP line.
    • Jthan has been feeling burned out, so he hasn’t been spending as much time on projects.
      • He has however been working on a website and mail server for a horse rescue.
      • He’s been working towards his RHCSA and RHCE.
      • He’s been working on some deployment snippets as well.
      • He’s also been working on his website (again).
      • He’s been thinking of starting a knowledgebase of fish cross-compatibility.
      • He also wants to do Orchids-as-a-Service?
    • I’ve been working on OpTools (as mentioned by Jthan).
      • I also started the 4.x total rewrite branch for BDisk (which you may remember from S2E5). You can follow the progress here, but the commits are a little sparse while I’m still designing the structure of it.
  • Jthan and I’s announcement (45m16s)
    • We’re writing an AUR helper for Arch Linux that should kick ass.

Sysbadministration Award

In this segment, we highlight system administration mistakes. Think of them as the IT equivalent of the Darwin Awards. (1h04m36s)

A life-threatening flaw was acknowledged and announced in so-called “smart” pacemakers… two years after the same thing happened.


  • Paden indeed was not in S0E17, and it indeed was the only one that had Annal in the title.
  • No, Jthan, we never talked about running your own SSL/TLS PKI. I double-checked.
  • Our editor PM’d me while editing and asked me if I (r00t^2/bts/Brent) wanted to keep my “paythan” slip-up in there. I said this in response:
06:41:29 <r00t^2> hrmmm.... i say leave it in because i can see it becoming a meme
06:41:43 <r00t^2> it'll be how i refer to paden and jthan collectively from now on lol
19:39:43 < r00t^2> !jthans_maserati
19:39:44 <@sysbot> jthans_maserati is http://s42.photobucket.com/user/adamtinkerer/media/adamtinkererscollection006.jpg.html


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