S3E5: "Remotely Interested"

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2018-04-25 04:30:00 2018-05-06 03:23:06 "Edita"
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In this episode, we talk about considerations for remotely working/telecommuting/digital-only offices/businesses. Jthan’s reference to “meatsnacks”.



Starts at 33m39s.

I was drinking Jefferson’s Reserve bourbon still. Paden was drinking Stella Artois. Jthan was drinking water.

  • Implementing telecommuting infrastructure
    • Security
      • VPN
        • Selective routing has multiple benefits! Namely…
          • Bandwidth
          • Employee privacy concerns
      • However, staff devices directly connected to infra complicates things – infected machines can propagate to internal resources, so 2FA/MFA is recommended.
    • Staff management
      • Centralized auth is very important; allows for fast turnup/turndown.
      • Ensure access policies to internal resources at the VPN firewall.
      • Have failover and response processes for “staff disappearances”.

Sysbadministration Award

In this segment, we highlight system administration mistakes. Think of them as the IT equivalent of the Darwin Awards. (59m30s)

The IRS website was down on taxday.


  • During the intro, we mention the season 1 shitshow
  • The package manager rant episode, Jthan, was indeed NOT the last episode.
  • I couldn’t find reference to the incident at RSAC 2017 that Paden mentions.
  • A “thermometer that you change”, Jthan, is called a thermostat.
    • Said fishtank device was bluetooth, not wi-fi.
  • I’m not finding anything about Cisco dropping IPSec support. If they are, corrections welcome!
  • Jthan, there’s no space in asshole.


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