S3E4: "More Audits Than the IRS"

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In which we talk about conducting audits and why hardware vulns are such a big deal. We also mention a charity event we want to do at HOPE!



Starts at 36m25s.

I was drinking Jefferson’s Reserve bourbon. Paden was drinking water. Jthan was drinking the ‘Bout Damn Time IPA from Four Noses Brewing Company.

  • Paden passed the CompTIA LXO-103! He talks a bit about how he prepped for the exam.
  • Just why are the intel SME and amd vulns so bad if they require root/admin access to exploit? (40m25s)
    • Persistence. If you get a virus, you can just wipe a machine.
    • With a hardware-level vulnerability like these, wiping the OS won’t do anything since malignant code could have been injected into the hardware/firmware itself.
  • Conducting audits (43m28s)
    • Security audits
      • We recommend you hire an actual InfoSec firm to handle this (as we’ve talked about in the past) as they have specialized training (or have an in-house dedicated InfoSec team/department).
      • We talk more about providing (cursory) self-pentests in S0E6
      • For more in-depth discussion on incorporating infosec contractors/firms, you may want to check out S1E14 and S2E18.
    • Backups
      • The backup processes are completing properly.
      • The schedule should be correct.
      • All hosts that SHOULD be backed up ARE being backed up.
      • A backup isn’t a backup if you can’t restore from it. “An untested backup system is not a backup system.” Avoid the “Schrödinger Backup”.
    • Inventory
      • Nmap is useful for comparing network points.
      • Make sure your asset tags, etc. are up to date, your hardware components are properly updated, etc. (dmidecode and python’s psutil and dmidecode module (dead?) are very valuable tools for this).
    • Access
      • MySQL users are username and host-specific, your GRANT statements are up to date.
      • Shell users are appropriately locked/unlocked, octal modes and ownership on files are correct, etc. (mtree is incredibly useful for this. I recommend NetBSD’s mtree. Building example for Linux can be found here.)
      • SUID/GUID are locked down.
      • SSH is locked down.
      • VPN access is revoked for employees or contractors no longer in service.
      • LDAP/other centralized authentication/authorization mechanisms immediately make so much of this easier.

Sysbadministration Award

In this segment, we highlight system administration mistakes. Think of them as the IT equivalent of the Darwin Awards. (55m30s)

T-Mobile responds to a security risk completely flippantly.



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