S3E12: "Let Me AIX You A Question, Forge"

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Forge joins us as a stand-in for Jthan to talk/rant/rave (and provide some valid criticism and honest & informative answers to questions we have) about IBM’s AIX platform.



Starts at 1m39s.

I was drinking water and Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon. Paden was drinking nothing. Jthan Forge was drinking water.

  • AIX is the fanboyism justified? Does it deserve the hype?
    • It has K(orn)SH as the shell.
    • It is hella expensive — you pay for the hardware, the software’s just bundled on it (and is written and tailored specifically to that hardware).
    • Forge mentions SMIT (pronounced ‘smitty’).
    • We mention nmon more than once, and the associated Linux port.
    • For more handy AIX commands, you may want to reference this handy article that Forge tossed our way.
    • As much as Forge and Paden dislike the experience of running AIX, the features it provides for hot rollover with disks, the LVM layouts, etc. are much more cleaner and comfortable.
    • I was trying to reference this ship.
    • Forge and I take a brief detour to talk about HP-UX.
    • We compare IBM AIX to their PowerKVM line.

Sysbadministration Award

In this segment, we highlight system administration mistakes. Think of them as the IT equivalent of the Darwin Awards. (1h12m08s)

An admin was compromised because his iLO login was exposed to the WAN unfirewalled. (iLO is HP’s equivalent of IMPI, DRAC, etc.)


  • I was surprised to learn that AIX even has python 3.7.0 (as of the time of release of this episode)! Granted, through a third-party (to my knowledge), but it IS available.


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