S3E11: "But First, Let Paden Take a SELFie"

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We mix up the format a bit this time — as in we don’t have one! This episode is like 95% Paden doing interviews at SELF (Southeast Linux Fest).


  • None!


Starts at 0m36s.

I was drinking nothing. Paden was drinking nothing. Jthan was unavailable for comment.

  • Paden was at SELF and did some interviews.
    • Jeremy Sands (who does some major work to make sure he gets SELF going in tip-top shape) — he self-describes as the “lead masochist” of SELF.
      • He wanted something “bigger than a LUG“.
      • He speaks about noticing a political influence on technical culture — he wants future SELF events to focus on welcoming a diversity of thought, encouraging the technical offerings over ideologies. “Embracing neutrality and meritocracy, the oldschool hacker way.”
      • He talks about comms for running a con: walkie-talkies/shared voice comms (“broadcast” comms) are out, push notification for text chat (e.g. Slack) is in.
      • The biggest hurdle he runs into is speakers not submitting slides early enough and HDMI capture hardware issues.
      • He scrubs attendee/registration data when it’s no longer needed (someone get this man a gold star!), and plans on airgapping for future data correlation if he needs to keep the data on-hand.

  • Kellin (Robert Marshall) (13m29s)
    • A software engineer (for Fedora releases with Red Hat) and a devops etc. lead for RetroMUD.
    • He talks about using containers for deployable isolation of services (e.g. older versions for libraries, etc.) and running faster tests.
    • He also talks about using containers to bring efficiency to other teams.
    • Lastly, he recommends reading Dan Walsh’s blog for more information on containers.

  • Noah from the Ask Noah show on Jupiter Broadcasting. (28m09s)
    • “I am a Linux user that hosts a radio show; I am not a radio host that does a Linux show.” Same, fam; same.
    • He talks about the difficulty with running a full-F/LOSS stack. Sometimes proprietary software is necessary (but he still prefers to use F/LOSS when possible).
    • For the future, he sees a bigger focus on niche topics.
    • He makes the statement on Facebook/Zuckerberg, being a private company/owner, have the right to hold data retention (as long as it’s outlined in the Terms of Service/EULA/etc.), because these things are agreed to by the users. (I can definitely see his point.)
    • He supports Right to Repair. Hardware shouldn’t need to be opensourced, necessarily, but users shouldn’t be dissuaded (legally or otherwise) from taking the risk of self-repair.
    • 3D-printing a firearm, controlled-ownership keys (police handcuff keys, elevator keys, etc.), according to Noah, is a free-speech issue. He doesn’t advocate piracy, but he also encourages a realistic view of duplication of data. He finds that arbitrary legislation on 3D-printing certain items vs. other items is a slippery slope.
    • Per Noah, Net Neutrality is a difficult topic (well-said): on one hand, the government should not make decisions on how the Internet should be run/accessed. Businesses also should not take advantage of leeway given to them. He speaks to how lines being buried were done as a private venture, and the investments providers put into these should able to be respected.
    • He believes the key to increased competition between ISPs and telcos (and thus better service/better pricing) is deregulation.

Sysbadministration Award

In this segment, we highlight system administration mistakes. Think of them as the IT equivalent of the Darwin Awards.

In this episode, we had no Baddie!



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