S2E8: "Why do Bids Suddenly Appear?"

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We give some tips and tricks on buying older/used hardware, and recount two very silly reactions to “cyber attacks”.


  • The NSA-originated, NHS-spread ransomware “WannaCry” goes global
    • Dear intelligence agencies: this is why you do not need to develop offensive tools or hoard vulnerabilities/exploits. Or shouldn’t, rather.
  • Apple is seeing a rise in requests pertaining to “national security”
  • A Sydney airport was brought down by malware
  • Related to WannaCry, there’s an SMB attack that uses 7 NSA-originated/hoarded vulnerabilities/exploits (WannaCry just had two)
  • Florida’s database of Concealed Carry permits/licenses has been leaked


Starts at 15m12s.

I was drinking Bulleit bourbon 10-year again. Paden was drinking Pyrat rum. Jthan was drinking Kimbao Pinot Noir.

  • How to purchase used equipment properly
    • Always go with new storage. Always. Because things like this and this exist.
      • And if you’re decommissioning equipment yourself, make sure you wipe your disks securely and don’t sell them!
    • Sometimes you need actual extra equipment! (e.g. RS-232 with a null modem etc.)
    • Make sure you try to get any original install discs, licenses, maintenance records, etc.
    • Jthan has only gotten used stuff from UnixSurplus; others have offered donations
      • Others worth mentioning include (no, we aren’t being sponsored):
      • Make sure you know what sort of testing, refurbishment, etc. processes the vendor goes through to “certify” the equipment
      • How do you verify the integrity of the hardware? With memtest86+, a burn-in test and other methods. I’d also recommend the Phoronix test suite (system builders, take note- that’s useful for not only doing a hardware check but also benchmarking performance)
    • The cabinet I was going to recommend for Paden is here.
    • For used managed switches, make sure you reset to the default configuration!
    • For used UPSes, you’ll want to get a new battery no matter what.

Sysbadministration Award

In this segment, we highlight system administration mistakes. Think of them as the IT equivalent of the Darwin Awards. (58m28s)

It seems that an untested patch brought down an AU hospital.


  • Paden, sic has nothing to do with tyranny – it’s a preposition/pronoun/etc. (depending on context). “Semper fidelis” isn’t actually a grammatically complete sentence otherwise.


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