S2E5: "Suck my Disk"

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2017-04-13 02:50:35 2017-04-24 03:59:00 "Edita"
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In this episode we talk about a tool I wrote (BDisk) that can be used to build LiveCD, LiveUSB, and PXE/iPXE media. We also talk about Python 2 vs. Python 3.



Starts at 15m30s.

I was drinking green tea. Paden was drinking Irishman Whiskey again. Jthan was drinking Breckenridge Gin.

  • We talk about BDisk!
    • You can find the build environment for the ISO I built here (SIG).
      • I cannot stress this enough, this is a PoC and is definitely insecure. Do not run it in prod without auditing and locking it down, especially the rsyncd.conf.
    • As jthan mentioned, it’s available from both git and in the AUR (both tagged and git versions).
    • The “quickstart” I mention is here.
    • I also have a bugtracker/feature requester. More information can be found here.
    • The JOML callback is a reference to S1E20.
  • We sort of fly off in a tangent about Python 2 vs. Python 3 (32m0s)
    • We touch upon Python in general a bit in S0E15 and S1E17.
    • The “Learn Python the Hard Way” guy’s rant against python 3 is here (though he does have a python 3 text available). However, there are a multitude of responses and criticisms to his article, not withstanding this one – just because someone writes a widely regarded book on python 2 doesn’t mean they should speak about differences between 2 vs. 3.

Sysbadministration Award

In this segment, we highlight system administration mistakes. Think of them as the IT equivalent of the Darwin Awards. (52m30s)


  • The intro and outro music for this episode are by Tony Morrison, aka None of the Above. He’s a hilarious nerdy musician from the 90’s. I emailed him asking for permission to use his music and he was quite amenable. He has his entire discography available online, and I definitely recommend giving them a listen if you were around for the early digitial/Internet-published music scene.
  • Just for jthan:
#!/usr/bin/env python3
if 2 > 1:



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