S2E4: "From TCP to Shining UDP"

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In which we talk about Caddyserver, some practical applications of QoS, and respond to an email we received.



Starts at 13m45s.

I was drinking Bulleit 10 again. Paden was drinking Old Tankard Ale from Pabst. Jthan was drinking Hot to Trot by 14Hands Winery.

  • Caddyserver
    • I was not impressed. It felt like “Fisher-Price Nginx” – and I inherently don’t trust “automagic” things because they dumb down complex mechanisms/configuration, and something’s bound to be missed when you do that.
    • I mention mcTLS which is a very silly thing and should be shunned. SHUN THE NON-BELIEVER. SHUNNNNNNNNN-UH.
    • Our general takeaway/consensus is “It’s probably easier to use for beginners, but there isn’t a ‘good’ use case for it.”
  • A defense of “the cloud”/DevOps (37m28s)

Hi Guys,

OK, no essay or chastisement like I sent last time :)

I just wanted to weigh in a bit on the whole “cloud” thing after S2E3. For me, it’s a question of these providers allowing a user to communicate with the VM-based infrastructure via an API. This allows you to programatically bring up and tear down infrastructure just by writing code to do so. Hashicorp’s Terraform is a great tool for this.

Most, if not all cloud providers are not without their issues, but I think that’s normal in this topsy-turvy threat-addled world in which we operate :) They’re also by-and-large big megacorps, so that can’t be good. Maybe the answer is an open-source specification for such a thing, but I guess then we have Openstack – though that seems mega-complex. If we could have a simplified thing like Digital Ocean, that would probably be better, in that it lowers the barrier for entry.

I’ve currently just started a gig using AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes (my first real use of containers) so I’ve gone a bit devops-y, but I still self-identify as a sysadmin, don’t worry :) Currently looking at filebeat / logstash for log aggregation and parsing – perhaps a future topic?


Jerry (Admin Admin)

Sysbadministration Award

In this segment, we highlight system administration mistakes. Think of them as the IT equivalent of the Darwin Awards. (55m15s)


  • The episode in which we kept having to restart/have outtakes at the end is S1E5.
  • If Jthan’s Solaris-esque endpoint was running in a VM, Solaris has flowadm as part of its Crossbow suite.
  • It turns out filtering traffic per UID is indeed pretty easy with iptables.
  • Jthan mentioned something about getting a Baddie for rm -rf’ing /bin. Turns out, that’s not what he got a baddie for.


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