S2E22: "Shitshow III: Son of Shitshow"

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The Season 2 Shitshow! (Shitshows are our finale for each season in which we invite listeners to join in with us and we don’t really have a real topic.) As per tradition of our shitshows, this is unedited so it sounds a bit rough (sorry about that). We talk about ducks way too much during the second half.

Sorry for the delay!



Starts at pretty much the beginning of the episode.

I was drinking a rye and coke (with Bulleit Rye). Paden was drinking a screwdriver with Absolut. Jthan was drinking Wyoming Whiskey Smallbatch Bourbon. Beaches was drinking a ginger beer with Evan Williams Bottled and Bond. Forge was drinking a jack and coke (with “less Jack and less Coke”, however that works). OSWriter was drinking water. Or vodka. He couldn’t tell. Alex/Amayer was drinking Knob Creek.

  • You hear us reference S1E22 a couple times (season one’s Shitshow). This is also where the “VPN noise” is from.
  • Beaches talked about his podcast, Radio Statler.
  • You can see the log excerpt of Jthan breaking Sysbot here.
  • The “vodka is for white girls” discussion was in S2E0.
  • I reference “Annal Action” (S0E17).
  • Beaches’ tweet he mentions about the FCC commissioner in contrast to Ajit Pai’s stance is here, but if you want a direct link it’s here.
  • I might actually write a howto article on how to actually make Jthan’s “VPN Noise” play when you connect to a VPN if there’s a demand for it.
  • The YouTube video Beaches mentions about a techno artist named Jthan is hereJTHAN YOU’RE FAMOUS.
  • Jthan references S1E5, and a clip from that was used in the intro/outro for S1E6.
  • For those curious, this is “ponyplay” (should be SFW, but weird).
  • The episode Jthan mentions with Johnny and Daryl is S2E18.
  • We find out Jthan wants to Make Faxing Great Again, and also doesn’t know how to use fax machines.
  • We mention Brainfuck, but Jthan sent me this (but this also exists).

Sysbadministration Award

In this segment, we highlight system administration mistakes. Think of them as the IT equivalent of the Darwin Awards. (1h50m50s)

Google broke Google Apps for Education – specifically, management-enrolled Chromebooks’ wifi. The original post’s content has been deleted (though the comments are still there; the post itself still exists) but it was a whole big saga that affected a bunch of institutions.


  • I was severely behind, and for some reason Forge’s track was severely ahead, so he sounds prescient the entire time (and ends up syncing up exactly to the person he’s repeating more than once). Hilarious. (Also, sorry).
  • The title is a reference to this, not this. Though in retrospect, it was such a mess that it probably should have been the latter.
  • Taco Bell, you definitely owe us a check. We’re waiting.
  • Gorram it, I missed the perfect opportunity for a “In Soviet Russia, pussy licks you” joke when Jthan was talking about his cat licking his head.
  • If you would like to be subscribed to the catfacts that Jthan was announcing throughout the show, contact Forge in our IRC channel!
  • Ignoring the vegan argument (because natural foodchain allegory and naturally-occurring predator-prey hunting), Jthan may find this article enlightening.
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