S1E4: "A Challenger Appears!"

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2016-03-31 02:25:45 2016-04-11 04:01:00 aaron k.
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We mostly revisit the Bring Your Own Devices topic- but this time with a special guest! We have Eric Jung (my boss…) join us to share from his vast experience as a developer. He is the full owner of FoxyProxy (check us out)!

Jthan couldn’t join us tonight, unfortunately.


Starts at 02m01s.

  • weev, known for his incarceration for exploiting AT&T’s (gaping) security hole, is now back in the news. He has made MANY printers which were wide-open to the Internet print out white nationalist/anti-semitic messages. Ethics of the messages or the action itself aside, the key issue here to me is that printers were wide open to the Internet. Why? This shouldn’t even be possible if your company takes the modicum of operational security in mind.
  • iOS 9.3 is soft-bricking if clicking on certain links. This is probably (hopefully) patched by now.
  • There was a massive DDoS against Swedish government media.
  • AT&T won their case against having to actually providing “unlimited” unlimited plans.
  • Microsoft re-opened Taybot VERY shortly until it started spewing all sorts of terrible things. Again.


Starts at 6m27s.

I was drinking Different Drum Rum from La Colombe Distillery, Paden and Eric were drinking water.

  • Eric talks about (trying to) work in environments where even MSDN was blocked. A developer for a Windows platform has a hard time doing that if MSDN is blocked.
  • There are now bluetooth-entry cars.
    • Oh, did we mention it can start/stop the car, too?
    • Bluesnarfing is a real thing, though.
    • Remember this? (It was a Jeep, not a Hummer.)
  • There are a lot of ODB-II tools (make sure you get one that supports Live Data/Diagnostics), but I have an Innova 3140 and I’m quite happy with it (and NO bluetooth! Yay!).
  • This unholy abomination is a thing.
  • Windows is trying to incorporate GNU/Linux stuffs.
  • Darwin is released by Apple. PureDarwin is an attempt to hack together a functional operating system from those sources, but it ain’t pretty.


  • Eric was unfortunately using an internal mic on a laptop as it was the only thing he had available so it’s a little hard to hear him sometimes. Sorry!
  • Paden said weev was printing to routers on the Internet. Obviously, he meant printers.
  • The irony of me trashing Ansible is now I’m evaluating it for use. It’s not quite as bad as I thought. Not as good as shell scripts and good ol’ pdsh, but certainly not as bad as Spacewalk.
  • I say “smart cars”- I mean carputers.
  • Oops! A CAN is a CONTROLLER Area Network.


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