S1E2: "hunter2"

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2016-03-03 03:37:15 2016-03-14 04:08:56 aaron k.
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Journalctl, lftp, passwords, WINE (yes, again), and acoustic/sidechannel crypto attacks.


Starts at 3m23s.

  • The FTC is hitting Asus for making shitty router firmware, software, etc.
    • (Though it’s more like just a slap on the wrist.)
  • Linux Mint got fuckedhard and without lube.
  • We talk more about this in the show notes.
    • This is why you don’t use wordpress. lolz
  • And ANOTHER ssl vuln, DROWN.
    • Affects/targets SSLv2, and yet again exists because of government-mandated weaker export encryption laws.
    • You can check for vulnerability here.
  • Not really “news”, but still hilarious: MSFT released .NET for GNU/Linux- as F/LOSS.


Starts at 8m49s.

  • DROWN is stupid and overhyped. But we sort of recap over various SSL-related vulnerabilities anyways.
    • DROWN is an acronym for Decrypting RSA with Obsolete and Weakened eNcryption
      • I told you it was stupid.
    • Their broken-ass piece of shit python scanner is here.
  • We talk about some neat little features of journalctl and mention lftp. (11m18s)
    • The wget option I was thinking of is --no-parent. (e.g. For mirroring a specific directory, I would use wget -e robots=off -r -N --no-parent -nH domain.tld/dir1/dir2/.) Note that it does, however, traverse symlinks (this can be disabled by the --retr-symlinks=no flag, but ONLY if fetching via FTP. But it still won’t get parent dirs (../).
  • I didn’t get a chance to talk about passwords because the co-hosts pull me down a tangent. (15m56s)
    • I really wanted to mention this and this. I’ll keep bringing passwords up in the show until we get to talk about them, gorram it.
    • The “XKCD Algorithm” I mention is here, but I consider it bad advice. And Schenier agrees with me.
    • And Jthan actually defeated a (mild) on-air social engineering attack from me!
    • I also mention oclHashCat and JohntheRipper’s MPI functionality (if you’re using john, you’ll probably also want to use the jumbo patchset).
    • And for password managers (I shared this link and their response), I like pass.
    • For generating passwords, I’m particularly fond of pwgen, and invoked usually via something like pwgen -sy 64 1. You might want to leave the -y off if you’re generating MySQL passwords.
    • I talk about the cracking rig in S0E12.
    • Browsers are in general just terrible.
    • The title comes from this. Thanks, Kyle!
  • WINE is (still) Not an Emulator! (32m30s)
  • “Acoustic Keyloggers” (46m03s)
    • The article Paden sent me is on Vice
    • But this is nothing new.
    • Seriously, we’ve known about this stuff for a while already.
    • There’s even a PoC!
    • I also mention Van Eck phreaking.
    • You can make your own laser microphone!
    • I suggest possible circumvention/prevention/negation against the various attacks would be a Faraday cage, “jamming” with junk RF signal on the same frequency, lead-lined… everything.
      • We’re interested in hearing your creative ideas of circumventing these attacks! Let us know on Twitter or our Contact page!
      • By the way, I mention projection keyboards. Which are super cool! Unfortunately they’re not very accurate.


  • Our editor Aaron picked the music out for this episode!
  • Aaron also makes a special appearance at 36m36s to confirm an unexpected result- in a twist of the-butler-did-it proportions, the culprit of typing was both Jthan and Paden! (insert dramatic music sting here)
  • Rainbow yelled at me because I neglected to mention that WINE works on FreeBSD (and presumably other BSDs) too! FreeBSD also has a Linux compatibility layer.


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