S1E16: "Takes One to GNOME One"

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2016-09-15 02:37:52 2016-09-26 03:40:01 "Edita"
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Our workflows- common software we use, etc.


Starts at 6m14s.

  • iPhone 7 released and has no headphone jack. I’m not even going to bother with a source since it’s all over every single bit of news.
  • The Fantom Ransomware pretends to be Windows Update.
  • There’s a Pokemon-named rootkit targeting Linux systems.
  • Peak Web is claiming bankruptcy and filing a lawsuit against Cisco as the cause of outages.
  • There was a pretty nasty MySQL vulnerability.
  • The Tor browser is absolute trash at doing what it claims to do.
  • A judge has ruled that the use of state-enacted malware is a “search”.
    • Not that it matters much anyways, since the protections of unwarranted searches/seizures is rapidly declining.
  • Techsource ran a giveaway and didn’t deliver the prize in a very honest manner.
  • The FBI wants an ‘adult conversation’ about backdoor crypto.
    • Except that’s entirely what experts tried to already do. The FBI didn’t like the answers they got.
  • There’s a new Linux trojan that turns devices into a botnet.


Starts at 19m13s.

I was drinking Left Hand Brewing’s Wake Up Dead imperial stout, New Belgium’s Fat Tire, and Weyerbacher’s Merry Monk. Jthan was drinking Post’s Howdy Beer pilsener. Paden was drinking Grant’s Scotch.

  • We mostly just talk about our setups. There aren’t really any notes to speak of for this segment!
    • But we talk about vi(m) vs. emacs more in-depth in S0E5.

Sysbadministration Award

In this segment, we highlight system administration mistakes. Think of them as the IT equivalent of the Darwin Awards. (57m20s)

A childcare service provider lost all its data – right before the schoolyear started. And find out the backups have been trashed for a year.


  • 99.999% uptime is actually 5m15.6s downtime a year.
  • Jthan, Arch absolutely has a testing branch.
  • Jthan was asking in IRC before recording if there was a way to software-emulate a GPU.


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