S1E14: "The HOPE Campaign"

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We primarily re-broadcast the Radio Statler segment that Jthan and I had with Johnny Xmas and Deviant Ollam that took place at the Eleventh HOPE.

Also, a big shoutout to Beaches! Thanks for trying to wake our sorry asses up.


Starts at 5m02s.


Starts at 15m28s.

I was drinking Lieutenant Blenders Mojito in a Bag (lol). Jthan was drinking Chimay. Paden was drinking his Buckeye Vodka.

This episode was something special. On the Radio Statler schedule, the segment is actually called Red vs. Blue. However, we end up agreeing more often than not between us! (Which is how it should be.)

  • A good takeaway from Deviant is “Don’t fight the report tooth and nail”- exceptions should be used sparingly if at all, and ALWAYS remediated in whatever way they can.
    • The term Johnny requests for computers that can’t be updated because they’re mission-critical? I didn’t mention it but I came up with “mission-critical obsolescence”.
  • Johnny says the biggest deal that would get the biggest payoff is 2FA/MFA, and it bugs him a lot when there’s pushback on it.
  • I mention Lesley Carhart. You should definitely follow her.
  • We also plug Jason Scott, along with his projects Archive.org and Textfiles.
  • The tweets I reference can be found here with source links.
  • Deviant was indeed actually slashing a big ol’ knife inches from Johnny’s face. Hilarious.

Sysbadministration Award

In this segment, we highlight system administration mistakes. Think of them as the IT equivalent of the Darwin Awards. (53m32s)

This one. Oh my word, this one is SO GOOD. The NSA was compromised. And it is hilarious. Lol.


  • The “thing” is most definitely a thing.
  • I definitely, definitely said “had a kid” at 13m25s. Jthan.
  • The vow I mention at 17m45s that I couldn’t remember the name of at all? A Nazirite vow. The worst part is that I remembered as soon as we left the recording booth. :\


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