S1E1: "GHOSTv2: The Re-Hauntening"

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2016-02-18 03:33:48 2016-02-29 05:16:00 aaron k.
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Apple vs. the FBI, IPMI/DRAC, and mostly the new glibc bug.

We also introduce fixed segments to the show with designated hosts. Let us know how you feel about the format change! (This allows us to give timestamps for each segment as well!)


  • The iPhone/iOS bricks if you set the year to 1970.
    • There’s news of it all over, and I’m sure there’s a patch coming if one doesn’t exist already to prevent it from happening to devices that haven’t been bricked- source is this, which mentions a patch in the next (presumably already released) iOS update. Anyways, this is presumably due to some sort of underrun and the Unix Epoch time (0 in Epoch time is January 1, 1970).
  • Not only did malevolent actors hold a hospital at ransom with cryptoware/ransomware, but they paid it. We talk about it more in the notes.
  • In the San Bernardino shooting case, the FBI are demanding that Apple provide them with an iPhone backdoor. Apple has responded. And the FBI has responded.
    • But wait, there’s more! After we recorded, it seems our predictions are coming true – even before any sort of PoC was even delivered. Orwell must be spinning in his grave.
  • The glibc vulnerability we talk about more in the notes.


I was drinking a PBR, Paden was drinking Pinnacle Vodka, and Jthan was drinking his homebrewed amber ale.


We need some more topics! please get in touch and give us some suggestions!

  • Now I’m wondering if at 4m27s Paden is giggling because it sounds like I’m saying “in Iraq somewhere”. I’m actually saying “in a rack somewhere”.


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