S1E0: "The Return of the Ping"

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2016-02-04 05:03:54 2016-02-15 04:06:55 aaron k.
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We make our triumphant return for a new season! And we try to teach Jthan how money works, and spiral into non-sequiturs like politics. I (Brent) sound like shit again because I didn’t test my new recording setup. But at least Jthan’s track sounds good. IS THIS THE CURSE OF FIRST-EPISODE? The next one should sound a lot better, promise.


  • Paden’s (and Aaron’s!) bio is up on the bio page! (You may remember Paden from the Season 0 Finale.)
  • We don’t have an order form for merch yet, but we’ll get one up as soon as we have one together!
  • The two Linode updates regarding the DDoS are here and here.
  • I use Adblock Plus and NoScript on Firefox.
  • Archive.org’s Internet Wayback Machine sadly doesn’t seem to have an archived version of rainbowsmoothie.com, but apparently there’s still a twitter (with only one hilarious tweet promising more), the domain’s nameservers were apparently changed either to/from Linode’s on May 27, 2011.
  • Patreon is here. We may or may not set up an account for the show so we can fund some things like more contests, expand merch offerings, etc.
    • This is Jthan’s Maserati he’s going to buy with his YouTube ad money from vlogging about fountain pens.
  • The article Jthan sent to us regarding YouTube stars is here.
    • The YouTube user he links to is here.
    • SysBot is our IRC bot- one of the things it does is parse URLs posted in the channel and sends the title of the page. It uses Limnoria (a fork of SupyBot).
  • The SlashDot article about rm -rf / and UEFI variables is here.
  • You can find the Linux Action show here.
  • I was thinking of Parking Wars when I talk about the reality show and the “PPA’:http://www.philapark.org/.
  • If you’re not familiar with Vermin Supreme, you should definitely watch some of his interviews.
  • The “US is an oligarchy” article can be found here, and was based on research done in a joint study by Princeton University’s Prof. Martin Gilens and Northwestern University’s Prof. Benjamin I Page.
  • The vim episode I mention is S0E5.


  • Linode employees are indeed referred to as Linodians.
  • The affected Linode services during the DDoS can be found here. Atlanta was indeed affected, but briefly.
  • Prince’s “1999” actually came out in 1982! I was… -3 years old. So I guess Paden’s the only one that actually REALLY remembers it.
  • I actually started on Debian 3.0, ‘Woody’ – back in 2003. You can find information about past Debian releases here.
  • Aaron is a beautiful human being and you can see his humour really start to show itself in this episode at 30m37s (I wonder if that’s actually the real recording being reversed and sped up) and 1h7m11s (that angry muttering you hear is him voicing over).
  • I meant for safety reasons alone, you need to use an adblocker and disable advertisements. At the very least until site operators do a better job of screening advertisements and advertisement providers, until advertisement providers start implementing strict controls for content they serve, and until they make advertisements that don’t conflict with the actual delivery of the content.


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Intro 2001 A Space Odyssey Fail (unknown) click Standard YouTube License
Outro The Stars and Stripes Forever Composed by John Philip Sousa (Performed by Oldham Music Centre Youth Wind Band) click CC0 1.0
(All music is royalty-free, properly licensed for use, used under fair use, or public domain.)



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