S0E18: "Shitshow"

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2015-11-12 03:06:25 2016-01-17 05:19:00 aaron k.
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We generally just bullshit around and interact with our listeners to celebrate the end of the season.



  • We have recorded the livestream. It is a 602M XZ-compressed Ogg Vorbis video file (uncompressed it’s 1.9G). GNU/Linux users can use XZ Utils (most likely already installed by your distro) to decompress. Mac OS X users can use The Unarchiver (available via the OS X app store (Free). Windows users can use 7zip (Free). You can play the video in VLC (multi-platform).
    • The checksum file for GNU is here (SIG). For BSD, it’s here (SIG). GPG” signature here.
    • The poor webcam sync (and quality) is because I forgot to record video locally while streaming, so I ripped the stream. This should be changed for future livestream releases.
    • The first 23 minutes of the video are setup and you only hear me in the video. The actual podcast session starts at 30m12s.
    • I mention the IPA, which is actually the International Phonetic Alphabet.
  • I said petition.org, I meant Change.org.
  • I remembered the thing we talked about in the scrapped recording! Debian is moving away from the LSB.


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Intro 20th Century Fox Fail (unknown) click Standard YouTube License
Outro Smooth Move Kevin MacLeod click CC-BY 3.0
(All music is royalty-free, properly licensed for use, used under fair use, or public domain.)



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