S0E15: "I Spy with My Little Eye"

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2015-09-11 04:15:44 2015-09-28 04:01:04 aaron k.
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Monitoring systems, breaking into the IT field and finding work opportunities, config management (again), programming languages as relevant to a sysadmin, and the FCC trying to destroy our ‘Murican freedoms.


  • Jthan says the Bubonic Plague is making a comeback
  • We talk about the following monitoring systems:
  • The Linux Foundation’s pamphlet on becoming a GNU/Linux Sysadmin.
  • If you need help finding a LUG near you, you can try the resources here (or just do a search for “ Linux user group”)
  • I still insist you can just use pdsh and a script/tarball repository, but config management might have some use for your environment.
    • We mention Chef
    • Jthan consistently gripes about Puppet
    • The current “hotness” is Ansible
    • We didn’t mention it, but another popular one is SaltStack
    • I also mention doing a bootstrap via iPXE and Kickstart for fully automatic installs and management.
    • Lastly, it’s a bit specialized for network kit, but check out rConfig
    • Conclusion: you aren’t really going to get a lot of use out of it unless you run a huge mixed-OS infrastructure.
  • FCC is trying to ban modified firmware
  • Languages that can be useful to a SysAdmin/Engineer:
    • Powershell (for Windows)
    • Bash (which Codecademy has a good intro for); get a GOOD grip on this one
    • Perl is kind of dying out in popularity
    • Python (I highly recommend the Codecademy course) – probably the most useful these days to learn
    • C/C++ has a pretty limited place in a System Administrator/Engineer’s toolkit, but can still come in fairly handy.


  • Sorry for the echoes- we found an editor, and we’re still tweaking things so we can get something we all like.
  • Icinga’s FAQ mentions how to pronounce it.
    • There are a lot of languages that use click-consonants
  • And we totally forgot to mention Zabbix
  • Oops. The editor didn’t cut 47m27s47m48s out. Say hi to Alli!


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