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“InfoSec Speaks!”- where I get some input from the InfoSec crowd via Twitter. We also talk about running your own router box, briefly talk about VPNs, IPv6, and a really stupid decision MSFT made with Windows 10.


Infosec Speaks

Many thanks to all that contributed input! It was really great to hear from them!

NOTE: Some of the following have been modified from their original form to be more easily read in US English. I have included a link to the original tweet for your reference.

We asked:

If you could give one piece of advice to system/network administrators/engineers, what would it be? (12:49 AM – 2 Jun 2015)

These are the replies we got.

Learn to triage problems well, and learn it from people who do it day in and day out.@hacks4pancakes, 12:57 AM – 2 Jun 2015

Nail down the fundamentals.@fugueish, 12:59 AM – 2 Jun 2015]

RTFM, of course. :)@CodedBe, 1:00 AM – 2 Jun 2015

Never accept 24×7×365 on-call duty. Rotate monthly with someone under Director of Operations.@GeneticSequence, 1:07 AM – 2 Jun 2015

Vodka gives less of a hangover than whiskey.@tobermatt, 1:07 AM – 2 Jun 2015

Make sure to take your vacation days throughout the year.@GeneticSequence, 1:08 AM – 2 Jun 2015

Project work with Milestone Bonuses and get it in writing; they may not pay otherwise.@GeneticSequence, 1:09 AM – 2 Jun 2015

Don’t just learn what buttons to push and/or when. Learn the fundamentals of your technologies.@t0x0pg, 1:24 AM – 2 Jun 2015

Make sure 20% of your time is spent not doing administration/engineering. Get an unrelated hobby. Stay off the forums.@J0hnnyXm4s, 1:53 AM – 2 Jun 2015

Learn to know when to listen, and when to be aggressive like bear.@hacks4pancakes, 1:54 AM – 2 Jun 2015

If you are a lone admin: don’t give up your holidays just because someone derped.@chkconfig, 1:59 AM – 2 Jun 2015

Find a (third-party) IT support provider and get the business to buy rolling hours just in case.@chkconfig, 2:00 AM – 2 Jun 2015

Compliance doesn’t mean secure.@IDSninja, 2:04 AM – 2 Jun 2015

Buy one of those purses that explodes into nunchucks.@J0hnnyXm4s, 2:11 AM – 2 Jun 2015

You gotta be crazy to beat crazy.@PeterGanzevles, 4:32 AM – 2 Jun 2015

Always quote your regexps, because you just wrote a buncha pipelines and sub-shells! :-P@Dave_Korn_, 4:34 AM – 2 Jun 2015

Get experience in non-tech areas too. Gives you new perspectives.@unfo, 6:04 AM – 2 Jun 2015

Make sure your response plan is proactive rather than reactive. – [https://twitter.com/mzbat @mzbat], 7:16 AM – 2 Jun 2015

We can’t do our job without you guys, and without your cooperation. We aren’t the enemy.@da_667, 7:18 AM – 2 Jun 2015

[REDACTED]@porthunter, (redacted)

Learn how easy antivirus is to bypass, how weak passwords are, common social engineering attacks, … try to understand the concept of credential theft and view rights from an attacker’s perspective. … e.g. “If I can control your box, I may as well have all your privileges.”@scriptjunkie1, 1:57 PM – 2 Jun 2015, 2:11 PM – 2 Jun 2015, 2:13 PM – 2 Jun 2015


  • When discussing OpenVPN, I say it supports both tunneling and “peer-to-peer”; I actually meant TAP and point-to-point (“Bridged”-mode). Pretty similar concepts, but there are differences. See here and here.
  • When discussing PPTP, I mention the weak security of MS-CHAPv2. That’s actually the authentication method; the encryption is MPPE (but they’re pretty closely intermingled, so potato/potato).


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