S2E7: "Projecting Insecurities"

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2017-05-11 03:26:38 2017-05-21 01:41:53 "Edita"
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In this episode we talk about AIF-NG and other sideprojects we’ve all been working on.



Starts at 17m50s.

I was drinking water. Paden was drinking water as well. Jthan was drinking a Red Eire from Westminster Brewing Company.

  • I talk about a project I just released, AIF-NG (which is basically Kickstart / preseed for Arch Linux).
    • Python 3 and XML driven
    • Has a configuration file generator
    • Works well with iPXE
    • Announced here and here
    • I mention this article and the python script that automates that is here.
  • Other hosts’ projects rundown! (22m47s)
    • Jthan is working on a total rewrite of the (currently hideous) games.square-r00t.net
    • He’s also working on the hackathon
      • In which he discovers just how much of a PITA AWS is.
    • He also is doing a lot of freelance work
    • Paden is setting up his homelab and network testbed
      • There’s a lot here- too much to type up! I’d recommend listening to the episode and seeing just how many things are on Paden’s TODO.
  • Planned projects (45m16s)
    • Jthan wants to redo his site in flask
      • He also wants to do a gallery for his pottery
      • And backups
    • Paden is working on what he mentioned before, and wants to implement high-availability
      • Also CISCO networking
    • I need to finish setting up the actual dedicated game server configs for the above-mentioned project
      • And I need to give square-r00t.net a facelift
      • And I need to clean up AIF-NG

Sysbadministration Award

In this segment, we highlight system administration mistakes. Think of them as the IT equivalent of the Darwin Awards. (53m32s)

Handbrake was compromised (and there’s a personal account of someone that was hit).


  • The config generator tool for AIF-NG is done and documented (but not documented upstream yet).
  • Jthan mentions Matt; this is his twitter.
  • I mention FreeNAS and pfSense as the only embedded BSDs I know of- I discovered that there’s also OPNsense (an alternative to pfSense) that is the sort of spiritual successor to m0n0wall.
  • I was right. Jthan did, in fact, originally mention that FreeNAS is a storage appliance:

13:49:20< jthan> storage appliances are fucking trash
13:49:21< jthan> is what
13:49:29< jthan> this is why I don’t think I’d ever use FreeNAS

to which I replied: 14:18:55< r00t^2> jthan: then FreeNAS isn’t an appliance either

  • Dang it, Jthan was right – I never gave him a login to the shop beta.

16:07:00 < r00t^2> jthan: what’s your paypal?


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