S0E10: "Jthan Tries to Edit"

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2015-06-18 03:11:53 2015-06-29 03:52:06 jonathan d.
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The death of Mandriva, a social media botnet running on consumer routers, Solaris, alternative firmware for consumer routers, and some games that run on GNU/Linux (plus the fun goodness of two high-profile compromises). This is the first episode Jthan tried his hand at editing. I ended up fixing a fair bit. :P



  • Solaris’ initial public release was in June of 1992 (23 years ago). OpenSolaris’ initial public release was May 5, 2008.
  • I forgot to mention it, but on the majority of my VPSes I run Nginx
  • nickermire in our IRC points out that:
22:11:38 < nickermire> fyi r00t^2 lastpass doesn't force you to change your password after the breach. They just mention it once upon login the first time after the hack.
  • LastPass, you secure bad and you should feel bad.


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